Yogkul Team

Yogkul believes in the power of Yoga and is dedicated to providing the best experience. Our instructors are specialists in Yoga and the best yoga teachers who will provide you with incredible benefits in your life. We have taught many people before, and we can assure you that our methods work and help you achieve peace through Yoga. We have an exceptional team of yoga instructors with high qualifications who will change how you think about Yoga.

Manish Choudhary

Yogkul is overseen by Yogkul’s founder and CEO, Manish Choudhary. He is a certified Yoga and Therapy instructor with a master’s degree and five years’ experience in Yoga. The Yogkul team is supported by Manish Choudhary, whose passion is to spread the benefits of Yoga and make it available to people who may otherwise not have access to it. This team also includes:

Ganesh Choudhary

In addition, the team includes Ganesh Choudhary, who is also a senior Yoga instructor working for the past four years in the field of Yoga. He is a caring and nurturing Yoga instructor with a bachelor’s degree in Yoga alongside postgraduate( M.A) qualifications.

Kavita Yadav

In addition to Pooja, Kavita Yadav has a master’s degree and Diploma in Yoga, furthering the team’s knowledge of this field. She specializes in yoga therapy and has over three years of experience with Yoga.

Neelam Kumawat

Nutritionist Neelam kumawat is a living example of a perfect dietitian as well as the best counselor. She has done  INFS Nutrition and Foundation Course in respective fields and she is one of India’s best nutritionists with over 6 years of experience.

She is a food and nutrition specialist. she offers advice on how to properly manage diets and nutrition for persons with diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal ailments, and food allergies. She can assist patients in maintaining their health and decreasing their risk of chronic illness. She has a large number of pleased and delighted clients who are now on a healthy path in life and also appreciate the work of  Ms. Neelam kumawat!